Who doesn’t love a designer piece? How about that new Céline bag that’s been driving you crazy, or the 9257543 totally awesome Balmain outfits advertised on every celebrity’s page. Of course we all do. However, if you’re in your 20s, you are most likely living on a budget. For that reason, we often find ourselves sticking to inexpensive shopping websites, hoping the item you are about to buy fits your body type right.

We are all guilty of buying that one item online that looked beautiful in the advertised picture, which convinced you to buy it & expedite ship it because how could you not? It was $15!!… But when it comes in the mail it looks completely different, as in TOTALLY terrible. So you tell yourself you will never online shop again… HA! Yeah, right.That’s exactly why I have compiled this awesome list (in no particular order) of 10 Underrated Online Shopping Sites that will not let you down… Because let’s face it: not every 20-something year old can afford Chanel.

1) Misguided

I absolutely love this website. Not only is everything extremely cute, but you get free standard shipping on all your orders! In addition, there is a 20% student discount (excluding sale items). The prices range from $9-$204 but trust me, you’re bound to find a hidden gem.

2) Lulu’s

This site is definitely one of my favorite go-to brands because they have cute/ unique, under- $60 formal dresses. They also have the perfect summer tops and tons of fun accessories. Every time I buy an item from Lulu’s I often get asked where I got it. There is also free shipping available on $50+ orders and the best part… FREE RETURNS! You’ll love Lulu’s.

3) StyleSaint

Love silk and lace? Then StyleSaint is essential for you! Once you’ve joined their mailing list, you will receive $10 off from your first purchase. The items are 100% sustainable and the quality is GREAT! Although the prices are not extremely friendly, these guys are all about delivering products that will last you a lifetime. I personally adore all their silk staples and everyday lace selections, so while you’re browsing their online store, make sure to check those out!

4) Rent The Runway

This site should be every 20-something y/o girl’s best friend! I cannot begin to explain how many times this online store has saved my life. This website provides original designer dresses and accessories for rent!! This is perfect for those girls who buy an item, wear it once, and then never wear it again (ME). I rented all my prom dresses from this site and I would do it all over again. You can get 20% off your first order if you sign up with them. Have a wedding or a black tie event coming up? Maybe Prom or Graduation? Then you MUST check out this website!

5) Nasty Gal

Pretty much every single piece on this site is fun, eccentric, but most importantly: affordable! Almost 90% of my dresses and crop tops are from Nasty Gal, and trust me, you need them… ALL OF THEM! I’ve never been disappointed with Nasty Gal, and the company offers free shipping on orders over $75. If you are just finding out of this website: You’re welcome. Now enjoy binge-online- shopping because you will not be able to stop scrolling through their stuff.

6) StyleKeepers

This Aussie fashion boutique will have you addicted! Almost every piece on the site is under $100 and you can even pre-order unreleased items. Even though the quality is not A1, they have bomb designs that are 100% worth it. If you’re a “black-is-my-happy-color” type of girl, or love wearing neutral colors, this one is for you!

7) ILoveShowPo

ShowPo will most definitely bring out the girly-girl in you. They have the cutest playsuits and they run true to their size. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re so affordable that you’ll want to buy 10 of everything. The prices range from $5-$60 and you can get $10 off your purchase if you join their mailing list. I personally signed up for this one and I always get secret sales, first dibs on their new arrivals, trend alerts, and awesome freebies. Try it out!

8) White Fox

SO much love for this Aussie boutique. I am beyond obsessed with the trendy clothes and gorgeous Quay Australia sunnies I’ve bought from this website. I personally bough the Valencia Jumpsuit Dove as well as the Ivy Top in black and every time I step out wearing either of those two, I always* get asked where I got them. If you’re looking to break necks at an affordable price, you cannot skip this one!

9) Lola Shoetique

This LA-based shoe boutique has the trendiest women’s shoes in the game, and I mean it. It is a family-run company and their styles range from casual sandals to formal high heels. The best part of it all: INEXPENSIVE! Most of their shoes are under $30, and the sizes range from 5- 11, so there’s plenty for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the perfect festival shoes or your next party heels, this website has it ALL. After visiting this site, you will have to get a whole new closet just for shoes. Good luck!

10) Boohoo

Kind of like ASOS, just soooo much better! These guys get hundreds of new, unique styles every day ranging from onesies to prom dresses. Their accessories are super chic as well so don’t forget to browse through those. They also have a Boohoo PLUS for women who have more curves. In addition, Boohoo has a “MENS” section and EVERYTHING is 30%… Is your man’s birthday coming up? Maybe your anniversary? Check out boohoo ! You will most definitely find something for him… AND yourself, of course!