Painful wait times at the doctor’s office? I’ve got the answer!

Going to the doctors nowadays can truly be a pain. Not only does it take forever to meet with the practitioner, but almost never are you seen on a timely manner. You might have scheduled an appointment for 8:30 am, but on average, you will probably wait 30-60 minutes to see your doctor. As if that was not stressful enough, when you do meet with your practitioner, the appointment seems a bit rushed and in 10 quick minutes you’re out of his/her office. Were all your questions thoroughly answered? Did the visit give you peace of mind? Probably not.

It is understandable that doctors are often overscheduled and a smart way to make money (or perhaps pay back their med school debt) is to see more patients. Although scheduling issues are common, I do not excuse doctors who run behind every single day at their practice, and to me, it seems like this general issue has become the norm in today’s society. Because of these problematic factors, you may have lowered your expectations regarding recharging your health. Well, the wait is finally OVER. Welcome to Nava Health and Vitality Center: all the services you need to improve your overall health under one roof. As seen on The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, this fully integrated wellness center is combined of top of the line physicians, nutritionists, massage therapists, life coaches, acupuncturists, nurses and more! Like Juliet K. stated on Yelp: “It is like doctor’s office meets spa.”

With four different locations including Columbia, Chevy Chase, North Bethesda, and D.C, Nava has become a cultural phenomenon in the wellness industry. The Nava Method is a holistic approach designed to address healthy aging, weight management, fatigue, low energy, insomnia, pain, low sex drive and more, by combining the expertise of their well-known Directors of Integrative Wellness. In addition to their Nava Physicians, their directors include nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, pain, hormones, life coaching, and sports medicine.

After calling their center and speaking to a Nava wellness consultant, the next step is to meet with one of their medical practitioners for a thorough assessment of your medical history. This appointment is paired up with lab diagnostics, measuring 65 bio-chemical markers including hormone levels, thyroid, adrenals, vitamin D, and others. This step is a huge component of the  Nava experience. After your results are in (which is usually within a week or sooner) they’re reviewed in detail with you during your second Nava appointment: a 45-minute visit with a Nava physician. Nava calls this your “Custom Vitality Plan” or CVP. The goal of this process is to educate and empower clients with the knowledge as to what is going on with their bodies so that they can make better, more informed, decisions in the future.

I initially went to Nava for a relaxing massage around a year ago, but what I got out of this wellness center is far more important than that therapy. Since then, I’ve tried several of their services including their Adrenal Recharge program to help increase my energy level and stamina, their NavaRX program designed to lose weight quickly, but in a healthy manner, their Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and my personal favorite: their food sensitivity profile. The FSP is one of their most popular advanced diagnostic tests. It gives the client insights into their health that go far beyond any testing that a traditional doctor’s office would. It is truly incredible what I’ve learned about my body and overall wellness with this test. I have now realized that I am gluten and casein sensitive, and by isolating these foods from my daily routine, I feel so much better! I used to consume bread and cheese on a regular basis, and if it wasn’t for NAVA, I would’ve never thought I actually had an intolerance to these common ingredients.

I am so glad I went to Nava ! I can honestly say that every time I go to either one of their centers, I leave more than satisfied and 10x more knowledgeable about my body than when I walked in. They offer a plethora of therapies and services, so I can assure you there is something for you too. If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself! At the very least, pay these guys a visit and complete the assessment alongside the diagnostic. You will be blown away at their professionalism, attention to detail and how thoroughly they review your results/documents.