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Painful wait times at the doctor’s office? I’ve got the answer!

Going to the doctors nowadays can truly be a pain. Not only does it take forever to meet with the practitioner, but almost never are you seen on a timely manner. You might have scheduled an appointment for 8:30 am, but on average, you will probably wait 30-60 minutes to see your doctor. As if that was not stressful enough, when you do meet with your practitioner, the appointment seems a bit rushed and in 10 quick minutes you’re out of his/her office. Were all your questions thoroughly answered? Did the visit give you peace of mind? Probably not. Continue reading “ALL you need- under ONE roof!”


Your true soulmate

BOYS… Every woman has that one man in her life that she wishes she never met or fell for. The guy that did her wrong, disrupted her “trust” and turned her ice-cold…Girls nowadays often spend most of their time looking for their soulmate in a boyfriend or a romantic partner. But what if I challenged that notion and told you that your soulmate has always been right there for you.

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Tuesday Ten: 10 Underrated Online Shopping Sites

Who doesn’t love a designer piece? How about that new Céline bag that’s been driving you crazy, or the 9257543 totally awesome Balmain outfits advertised on every celebrity’s page. Of course we all do. However, if you’re in your 20s, you are most likely living on a budget. For that reason, we often find ourselves sticking to inexpensive shopping websites, hoping the item you are about to buy fits your body type right.

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Monday Motivation: Power Up Your Week

As we all know, Mondays can be a little bit too painful sometimes. No matter where you work, how much you love what you do, or how awesome your weekend was, the transition from Sunday to Monday can be a little bit rocky. Need a little kick to jumpstart your week? I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite #MotivationalMonday quotes that will inspire you to have a great start to your week!

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Stop Body Shaming

A couple of days ago I got called fat by a complete stranger. When I responded that I was happy with the way I look, he said “you’re so full of yourself”. At first, I let it get to me. I questioned my body, I felt awful about myself and was really hurt. Little did he know that when I was younger, I used to be on the heavier side. Although I was not obese, I was not a size zero type of girl. I was regularly bullied at school and dealt with severe depression at the age of 10.

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