BOYS… Every woman has that one man in her life that she wishes she never met or fell for. The guy that did her wrong, disrupted her “trust” and turned her ice-cold…Girls nowadays often spend most of their time looking for their soulmate in a boyfriend or a romantic partner. But what if I challenged that notion and told you that your soulmate has always been right there for you.

Making girlfriends in today’s society may not be a walk in the park for everyone… Many girls compete with one another instead of empowering each other. Others are insecure and feel threatened, or sometimes girls can just come off as mean. Whether you’re a social butterfly with thousands of girlfriends or not, the majority of women could easily name at least one girlfriend they cannot live without.

In my life, I’ve been blessed enough to meet inspiring women whom I have the privilege to call my best friends. I’m not just talking about girls I hit up when I want to go out to a club, or when I need them to do something for me. Even though they also fit those qualities, I am mostly talking about women who are supportive, ambitious, non-threatened, caring, and fun.

These are the girls that would be down to beat a boy up if he ever did me wrong, have picked me up in a heartbeat at 3:00 a.m. when I have called them to go get ice-cream with me. The girls who go on weekly Chipotle or Starbucks dates with me to satisfy my food cravings (and trust me, we know exactly what each other is going to order), the girls who simply come over to watch endless YouTube videos with me and take a nap after laughing so hard, and the girls who have held my hair back as I’ve puked my brain out, because let’s face it: everyone is a once college freshman (or senior).

I can honestly say that these girls have shaped me into the woman I am today and have taught me a whole lot about life. I can ALWAYS count on their witty, often sexual, comments on my Instagram posts, or the 100% accurate Facebook article they have tagged me in that somehow perfectly match our friendship.

When it comes to these girls, I can talk to them about absolutely anything without fearing any type of judgment because they, more than anyone, understand and love me for who I am- flaws and all. They know everyone makes numerous, stupid mistakes (even though we seem to abuse that number) and no matter how bad the situation is they are always willing to help you work it out.

My girlfriends have taught me several life lessons that have helped me become who I am and enjoy life. They made me realize that it is not always about who you have known the longest, but about who walked into your life and never left your side. They have also taught me that true beauty comes from within, and that you should pay no mind to those who have done you wrong in the past, because they are not even close to being half the person you are today.

So who says your soul mate has to be a boy, when I have a handful of intelligent, beautiful, and loving soul mates? Trust me when I tell you that having a soul mate is not always about love. You can often find your soul mate in a friendship too.